For several years I worked as an industrial journalist and I had the priviledge to see a lot of companies from the inside. I was able to talk with employees, managers, even CEOs. All those years made me want to get to know more information about the way the communication work in those companies, and the way I could do that was by researching for my thesis. That gave me the opportunity to get to know two conpanies in different countries and learn from the way they do things. That let me see the importance of the communication inside of them and how much we can continue doing to improve it.


These different videos are part of the qualitative methodology of my thesis, I had the opportunity to film inside two companies, one located in Mexico and the other in South Korea, having these videos let me do a more detailed analysis of the nonverbal communication, including facial expressions and emotional space. 

The video shows the interview of one ot the employees in the company, he is one of the employees with more seniority with the company.

The video shows an event to celebrate the end of the fiscal year, to thanks the employees for all their work, the managers are the ones who are taking car of the employees during the meal. 

These 2 videos show a meeting between the sales department and a client from Malaysia.

The video shows an interview held with some employees that have a position of leadership.

The video shows a musical presentation from a guest company as part of a program that the company has, as they performed exclusively for the employees of the company.