This project is a research and analysis accomplished by students of master 2 Image Interactivity International.

The research focuses on the gaming process (offline or online) in situational terms. Playing a video game is considered as a particular situation, including the body, the screen, the joystick as well as numerous other factors (perceptions, emotions, sensations). What are the perception and the personal projections of the users in the case of FIFA 16?


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The research questions are turned towards the bodily dimensions of the behavior.
Is the handling of the joystick a continuation of the body in the tradition of the McLuhan Theory? Is the physical experience predominant or is the immersion strictly visual?

Representation / Projection

Body Immersion


Conceptual opportunities of the phenomenology of perception (Merleau Ponty: 1993) are applied to video games to answer those main questions. Ultimately, the goal is to develop knowledge about the adoption of video games by its users...

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